why we charge an initial fee

if your that good - commission only

In our experience working with certain businesses that were dealing with cash flow problems, we attempted to operate through a commission-only structure. However, we have found that this arrangement leads to a less than ideal relationship, as the lack of initial investment from the client’s end typically results in an overall lack of motivation and dedication towards providing us with the information and updates needed for successful collaboration.

In fact, we have not encountered a single instance where this structure has been beneficial for all parties involved. Thus, based on our prior experiences, it is our recommendation to steer clear of commission-only operations when possible in order to maintain high levels of engagement and commitment among all contributors.

website pricing plans

At JCM Laos, we truly understand that in today’s economy, every Kip counts and budgets are often tight for businesses. That’s why we have designed our plans to help businesses in Laos attract global attention without breaking the bank. Our low initial investment and monthly fees are not only cost-effective but also reasonable for any business wishing to catapult their online presence. You can trust us to deliver a world-class website in a short period of time, unlike other designers who may take several months.

We are confident in our ability to launch your business in weeks, and we’re excited to offer our expertise to support you in building your online platform. In conclusion, we are committed to helping your business thrive, and we believe that our affordable plans and swift results will exceed your expectations.

App commission pricing

Rest assured that JCM Marketing firmly believe in the effectiveness of having a personalized app for your delivery business. We want you to know that we have the confidence to offer personalized plans with initial fees and ongoing commissions that keep us fully invested in the success of your business long-term.

We also encourage business owners to reconsider the huge amount of commission you give away to giant delivery corporations that dominate the industry.

YOU deserve to take back control of your delivery business and earn the profits you deserve. We are confident that investing in a custom-built app can be cost-effective and more profitable in the long run. Let us help you discover the power of having a delivery app tailored to your business needs!