is language important to your business

it is incredibly important

The data indicates that the Laos language is not often searched for on a global scale. However, it’s important to recognize that if a business’s primary customers speak the Laos language, then this audience remains crucial.

While this may pose a challenge in reaching new customers who primarily use other languages, it also presents an opportunity to focus marketing efforts on this specific group to expand their reach and appeal. By tailoring strategies to the Laos language group, businesses can establish a stronger, more personalized connection with their target audience. With confidence and determination, businesses can overcome any potential limitations and find success in catering to the Laos language group.


Are you interested in accessing a robust market of potential customers who conduct their internet searches in English? It is imperative to recognize that more than half all web searches are conducted in this language. Thus, if your goal is to bolster your online presence and attract foreign clients, it is necessary to include English-language content on your website, particularly if you operate a business, restaurant, attraction, or bar in Laos and want to reach out to more visitors from overseas.

Fortunately, JCM Laos is available to assist you. Our team of language experts creates exceptionally crafted, native English-language content to optimize your website’s visibility on search engines and attract English-speaking audiences from around the world. Remove the language barrier with confidence and get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

i have translation on my website

When it comes to your website, it’s important to keep in mind that the visitor needs to be able to find it first in order to use it. This means that they will be using keywords in the language that your website is written in, and only then can they even begin to think about translating the content. It’s worth noting that the biggest market is in the English market, so it’s worthwhile to consider catering to this audience.

However, if you want to expand your reach and capture audiences who speak other languages, you might consider off page marketing techniques, which allow you to use translated pages that can be just as effective as their original versions. This way, you can connect with more people and make sure your website is accessible to a broader range of audiences.

what are other popular languages

English still dominates search engines. but here are the facts from Google

  • English (53%)
  • Chinese (19%)
  • Spanish (5%)
  • Hindi (4%)
  • Arabic (3%)
  • Portuguese (2%)
  • Japanese (2%)
  • Russian (2%)
  • Indonesian (1%)
  • German (1%)
  • French (1%)